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Tagged by :iconmegagundamman:

Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that's I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on.
Link on your own journal in your comment is required!
Fuck it. If you don't want comment to me. I just go and ahead and add some myself.

1.  by MegaGundamMan Let just say that she that would keep Miyami from going off the far edge. Sadie is the best friend to Miyami and can could be fun and hot side of Miyami's serious and cold coin. (Sadie on the left, her friend Miyami is on the right.)

2.  by Kigurou-Enkou. Alyss. Alyss. Oh Alyss. Oh what a Best character of a Anti-hero. Leader of the Visionary Requiem. An organization that I think protected anybody from Demon, Witched and some kind of Cat-thing that make you a deal to be a Magical Girl (or Boy). And boy she make her wise being her young year, Somewhat out talk the my OCs.

3.  by ChaosOverlordZ. Yes. I like the Evil Overlord, The God of the Eclipse. Self-Clam Villain of the Walfas-club. And How can I not? Sure that something we yell, but that more on part that we don't understand each other. He have a Backstory that make him Anti-Villain (even if he not), he not well sane, given he have duo personally. And they wouldn't be Rho my Evil Overlord without Zero Pendragon.

4.  Seth Bird by sethb1. And I don't know that it more awesome with him. That he just more or less Sora from Kingdom Hearts, having the Power of Friendship as his Ability Power, being friend to most of some of the OCs. Or that fact that he also have Darkness Power that never Corrupt him nor make him look Bad. Or you know that he could be boyfriend to even Ni or Pinku. But I didn't.

5.  Asuka Sato, Of all the OC's by makutadesrex. I like his Human OCs then his Bionicle. And Asuka the one that full that spot. I could just say that she too outgoing, or her removing of something. But I have to admit she an Ex-Youkai Hunter (or Ex-assassin) and that she befriend some Youkai and now life in Gensokyo and get prank by a rabbit Youkai.

6. Jack and Nadia by PMiller1(Sorry Spaztique but I couldn't find one with just the Two) Jack Diehard and Nadia Su, The Two character that you don't wand to be. A pompous jackass that think that Sword can fix anything and Narcissist Attention Whore who wand be center of Attention. I know could have pick one of two loser but but it just show how Good Spaz is with his story making and well we would be worst writer if the two don't exist.

7. Yeah I know I've pick an Author Avatar for Disgaea4everdood, but he have so many OCs that I've like that I just couldn't pick one. From Fuuka as futakuchi, Food Eatting Kazegawa, Cute Faceless Ghost, even his Human are awesome themselves. Side he a Good Tumblr mate.

8.  by TobiObito4ever Noriko Aweware. Oh Midare Isonade I sorry, wild your mess up life and your love life did make you close, But I want with Noriko because she just that cute. And from a Look of it, she one that does make Yuuka Less S them more Motherly. How I have the Head-fanon that Noriko was the Cosmos replacement for Zero's other half, Like how Locke is to Ren!

9. Conan (Rider series ver) by SergeantGrifConan Edogawa by SergeantGrif, I may not know Kamen Rider, but I know that Conan is a Powerful hero to himself. Yeah, he haven't been updating. But like that matter, the Comic is still there. And his also a Lady Man. Even being one of Pinku's date and one-night.

10. by LordUltima, Okay the Two are Good Warrior even just by Normal Weapons (I think they non-magical weapons. Well they Weapon are Magical but they are just Katana and a Longbow) And funny they do show how White they are. Protecting the Human Village from the Youkai. That I'd think the HV staff said Youkai are Evil.


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